December Bingo

Another month already? The good news is, we get to start again with monthly bingo, and here's my list of 30 things that need to happen to ensure you get the very best from December 2014. Tick off as many as you can, and as always - let me know how you do!

  1. Stay in bed until lunch time
  2. Drink champagne
  3. Champion the red lipstick
  4. Write a letter for Santa
  5. Donate at least one festive item to your local food bank
  6. Sing carols 
  7. See a pantomime
  8. Put up the Christmas tree
  9. Sing along to The Fairytale of New York with your friends
  10. Snog on the back row in the cinema
  11. Eat stollen
  12. Go and find an actual Yule log, not a chocolate one
  13. Wear antlers
  14. Worship at the buttery alter of the crumpet 
  15. Buy all of the sprouts
  16. Walk hand in hand
  17. Wrap up a copy of your favourite book, label it "For the person who finds this parcel", and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find
  18. Roast your chestnuts on an open fire
  19. Source a diary for next year
  20. See a nativity (if you have no honest reason to go near a primary school, your local church probably has some Mary & Joseph action going down)
  21. Treat yourself to a good bubble bath
  22. Host a dinner party (Christmas lunch does NOT count)
  23. Walk a different way home
  24. Look up
  25. Forget the New Years Resolutions, write down ten things that you achieved this year, and share those instead
  26. Bring a Poinsettia home (bonus points for interesting varieties)
  27. Ice skate
  28. Mull wine
  29. Laugh at every single Christmas cracker joke (and never, ever, decline the paper crown)
  30. Visit a Christmas market

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