November Bingo

November Bingo is simple; it's a fresh new month, and here are 30 ideas to make sure that your November is a top one. How many of these can you tick off before the month is through? I'd love to hear about how you get on!
  1. Light a firework
  2. Toast a marshmallow
  3. Write your name in the air with a sparkler
  4. Warm your feet by a fire
  5. Make soup
  6. Buy new boots
  7. Pretend to be a dragon when you can see your own breath on the air
  8. Drink hot chocolate outdoors
  9. Buy seasonal vegetables at a farmer's market
  10. Cook the Mother of all roast dinners
  11. Feed the birds
  12. Make a picture with leaf rubbings
  13. Win a game of conkers
  14. Buy your first new Christmas decoration of the year
  15. Walk on a windy beach
  16. Wear a poppy
  17. Make yourself a second bowl of porridge in the morning
  18. Book pantomime tickets
  19. Make use of the cheap pumpkins after Halloween and cook EVERYTHING PUMPKIN.
  20. Cuddle
  21. Visit a museum or art gallery to get out of the rain
  22. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, food bank, or otherwise help those on the streets in the cold
  23. Finish a great book
  24. Make greetings cards to send next month
  25. Buy slipper socks
  26. Watch "Love, Actually"
  27. Grow a moustache*
  28. Grab a cup of spiced cider
  29. Take a long walk in the countryside
  30. Dance until it starts to hurt a bit

*If you are unable to grow a moustache, as a result of your genetics (or you just so happen to have one already) then remember to sponsor someone who can, and embrace the Movember spirit. Or, if you happen to be my boyfriend, do not think it's a good idea to shave off your beard thus leaving yourself with a moustache because I'll gladly donate to the Movember Foundation to stop this from happening! 

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