50 Things To Do & See In Kent

The truly awesome Elizabeth Sellers recently wrote a wonderful list of 105 Things To Do and See in The UK and published it to the travel blog that she shares with her boyfriend. You should totally go and read the post, and end up feeling inspired to explore, but before you do, I've cobbled together 50 things that I think you should do or see if you ever feel the urge to venture down here to see us lot in the South East corner.

Kent isn't referred to as the Garden of England for nothing, it's beautiful, and whilst I may be biased, it's fantastic rail links to London and Paris make is a favourite with many, not to mention being just a short ferry ride from Calais. Kent has loads going for it, from amazing seasonal produce, to some of the most fascinating historical sites in the world - it's The One. The One I tell you. The county of champions and all that. 

Here are 50 Things You Should Do & See in Kent before you even think about popping over to Essex.

  1. Ride a steam train through uninterrupted countryside on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch line.
  2. Go Alpaca trekking
  3. Take in the Anglican HQ; the mind blowing Canterbury Cathedral.
  4. Visit the burial site of Pocohontas.
  5. Catch beautiful, fresh fish off of the Kentish coast.
  6. Attend one of Europe's most popular and most lively folk festivals.
  7. See the world's largest group of captive West Lowland Gorillas (this is a conservation programme, with many gorillas bred and returned to the wild).
  8. See what Turner described as "the loveliest sunsets in all of Europe" at Margate.
  9. Visit the formidable, awe inspiring Dover Castle.
  10. Buy all of the reduced designer clothes.
  11. Spend a night in the UK's most haunted village - Pluckley.
  12. Sample some of the best wine in the world, at either Biddenden or Chapel Down vineyards.
  13. Visit the National Fruit Collection - where every type of native British fruit is growing with merriment - including varieties otherwise believed to have "died out".
  14. Take a historic tour of Canterbury by row boat or punt
  15. Pick beautiful Kentish lavender (there is more lavender grown in Kent than anywhere else in the UK)
  16. See beer being made to traditional methods in Britain's oldest brewery.
  17. See Chaucer bought to life in The Canterbury Tales attraction.
  18. Have your mind completely, and entirely blown by the mysterious Shell Grotto.
  19. Learn to surf.
  20. Take a walk through one of many bluebell forests.
  21. See Anne Boleyn's bedroom at Hever Castle.
  22. Visit the beautiful home of Sir Winston Churchill.
  23. See the iconic White Cliffs of Dover.
  24. Explore miles of cave network by lamp light.
  25. Feed the ducks at Kersney Abbey
  26. Get spooked by the largest collection of human bones and skulls in Britain.
  27. Get lost in the maze at Leeds Castle.
  28. Hang out at the home of Charles Darwin and see his fascinating collections.
  29. Hire a canoe for the day and head off through the picturesque countryside.
  30. Feel as though you've been thrown back in time in Chilham village centre.
  31. Take in Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, the largest Gurdwara in Europe.
  32. Shop for vintage clothes and homewares in Margate Old Town.
  33. Have a cream tea at the very weird, and very wonderful, Walpole Bay Hotel.
  34. Go seal spotting.
  35. Dive some of the UK's greatest wreck sites, including WW2 submarines.
  36. Experience a sensory overload at The World Garden - with flowers, quite literally, from all over the world (including the Hot & Spiky House for my fellow cacti lovers!)
  37. Eat Whitstable Native Oysters.
  38. Have a game of Bat & Trap.
  39. Run up and down The Grand Shaft at Dover, or just have your photo taken next to the sign, dependent on mood.
  40. Hire a bike at Fowlmead Country Park (or take your own)
  41. Waste all of your coppers in a penny arcade by the seaside.
  42. Visit Britain's smallest town (Fordwich) and then check out the town hall to really make yourself feel huge!
  43. Visit a teapot museum... because... why wouldn't you?
  44. Swim in an old fashioned salt water lido.
  45. Wave to France
  46. Check out our own little natural history museum, and the largest collection of African and Asian historical artefacts in the UK, at the Powell Cotton Museum.
  47. Walk along the edge of the Royal Military Canal.
  48. Get a sugar rush from a gypsy tart.
  49. Go aboard a cold war submarine, or a 19th century naval sailing ship at Chatham's Historic Dockyard.
  50. Enjoy Bib Gourmand dining at The Three Mariners

Kent readers; what would you add to the list?

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  1. Wow, there are so many more things to do in Kent than I imagined! I've always wanted to the Alpaca Trekking, looks so much fun. I didn't realise you could spot seals either. I'm only over in East Sussex so Kent really isn't far away for a day out. Great list!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches