Now and again I'm approached by a brand to work on some form of blogger outreach campaign, quite simply, sometimes brands look to bloggers to help with the promotion of their products. As a freelance (predominantly digital) copywriter I'm already working with many such brands on content for their own websites, including the likes of South African homewares retailer, Dassie. You'll soon see lots of fresh new content on the Dassie website, written by yours truly, but I wanted to take the opportunity to champion this small company on my own platform too (I feel they deserve it!) You won't often see a lot of sponsored content on my site, simply because I tend to keep my work off-site and whack my words up on client's own websites rather than my own, but what's the world if not full of exceptions?

I've been in love with Dassie's homewares range since I first clapped eyes on their website when I was approached to write for their blog. I'm not one for "shabby chic", or anything too feminine, as anyone who has hung out in my flat will be well aware, so Dassie's penchant for earthy tones, rustic charm and quirky touches is totally up my street. There are no Cath Kidston-esque ditsy prints here.

On the top of my shopping list is that blue chevron enamel kitchenware set. I'm avoiding showing this to the boyfriend as he has a bit of a thing for kitchen enamel (I do pick the rock'n'roll ones huh?). I'm also crazy about those woven shoppers - are they not the most Farmer's Market friendly shopping basket you've ever clapped eyes on?

Now, Dassie isn't necessarily the cheapest online retailer, and I don't want you thinking I've abandoned the frugality ship - quite the opposite, fear not. There are three big reasons however that mean Dassie get my love, and my vote, above many alternatives, and why you need to spend some serious time with a cup of good coffee perusing their website.

  1. They're waving the flag for fair trade. I don't know if we've all forgotten about the fair trade concept, and the important role that it ought to be playing in our shopping choices, but Dassie only sell ethically sourced, fair trade products, from their handmade table cloths through to beer bread mixtures. I fear that things are getting too Primark heavy, and the sweatshop conditions suffered by some of the people making the stuff that we covet, are often swept under the rug (the rug that has probably been made by a 12 year old boy in an unregulated factory). Don't let me get too shouty though, I'll be honest, I shop for convenience and price on a regular basis, and I don't always look to shop fair trade, I think it's important to keep business personal where you can though, by shopping local when possible, and then fair trade where appropriate.
  2. They're small. I will always champion a small business over a giant corporation. Yes, yes, my new scatter cushions were £2 each from Tesco - shoot me in the head - but I will hypocritically champion the Little Man all the way. In 2015 I want to significantly decrease my reliance on large retail giants, and start spending my money with smaller businesses, locally and within the global market, companies like Dassie, run by a team of real life humans, and founded by a real life couple, David and Roxi.
  3. They're making a difference. Everything that you can buy from the Dassie website has been handcrafted by artisans in the developing world; people who may otherwise be unable to earn a living to support their families and drive forward their communities. By buying from Dassie you too become a part of that development, in allowing someone the freedom and liberation that comes with earning money that they deserve, in recognition for their skills. Winning.
Keep an eye on the Dassie blog for a range of posts that I've worked on recently - and also check this space for Dassie products popping up in wish lists and styling inspirations. 

Do you know of a small of interesting business that I might love as much as I love Dassie? If so, please please please let me have those links, I love a new discovery!


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