Use Up Leftovers: Breakfast Potato Fritters

When you're trying to get by on a tight budget there is nothing quite as devastating as food waste. I'm passionate about reusing and re-imagining food and ingredients to ensure that as little nutritional goodness goes in to my bin as possible. 
This is a quick breakfast that I rustled up for four-year-old, Seb, earlier in the week. It could prove particularly valuable if you struggle to get an adequate number of veggies in to your small people. 
We'd had pork the evening before, and I hadn't used all of the boiled new potatoes, or the green veg that I'd served, so here are our leftovers - restructured in to a delicious crispy pancake. 
I've added chia seeds to give this breakfast fritter an additional nutritional punch. Children won't notice the tiny chia seeds, but they pack three times as much brain-enhancing Omega 3 fatty acids as salmon. 
Delicious, and especially child-friendly with a generous glug of home-made ketchup. 


1.5 handfuls* of boiled baby new potatoes (skin on**)
1 handful of green veg or whatever leftover vegetables you have from the night before
1 large egg
1 large pinch chia seeds
1 golf ball sized dollop of coconut oil
Salt & Pepper

Make It

  1. Heat the coconut oil in a non-stick frying pan. 
  2. In a bowl, mash the potatoes and add the egg and vegetables, chia seeds and seasoning. Use a wooden spoon to combine thoroughly.
  3. Transfer fritter mixture to pan and press to create rough flat shape around 2cm thick. 
  4. Fry until crispy on one side, flip, and repeat.

* where exact measurements make no difference I believe in cooking with scoops, blobs and handfuls. Cooking should be predominantly lead by vision. Keep going until it looks about right, or to suit your personal tastes.

** whole foods are designed to be eaten as intended - whole. Where edible I always encourage the consumption of skin, seeds, stalks, fat and other bits that many people remove. Often they're the most nutrient rich part of a food. 

You can see all of my whole food, clean-eating, budget and child-friendly recipes in my recipe file, have a browse now, right here. If you create something cool with your leftovers, I'd love it if you'd share your photographs or ideas with me on Twitter and Instagram (@ashlawrencerye).

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  1. Anonymous11/9/14 14:47

    Welcome back dearest Ash! This is a cosy little place you have created. I wish you all the luck and looking forward to reading and hopefully trying some of your cooked food first hand before I give them a go myself :)