Making Mini Resolutions

I read something recently which really struck a chord with me, and got me thinking long and hard about my own goal-setting habits.
Setting myself goals, and piling expectation on to myself, is something that I’m particularly good at. Sometimes, those goals are reached - exceeded even, and sometimes, they are not.

Not so long ago, for example, I gave up smoking, in fact, I’ve been smoke free for almost three months now - a quarter of entire year, and I’m reaping the benefits. A few months further back, I decided to give up sugar and processed foods. Now don’t get me wrong, I lapse occasionally (that Toblerone that jumped in to my shopping basket yesterday evening? Yeah that), but for the most part, I’ve completely revolutionised my own attitudes towards food and nutrition - how cool is that?

However, sometimes my resolutions fall by the wayside. Every January 1st I go overboard devising the most elaborate new leaf to turn over in a spectacular and dramatic fashion. At the beginning of 2014 I was surviving on 0% fat yogurt and goji berries whilst forcing myself out of the door for road runs in the dark, which I didn’t enjoy. My husband was booting me out of bed before 6:00am so that I could commence this arduous demonstration of New-Leafness before my 3 year old son woke for the day, and quite frankly - it was rubbish.

I don’t enjoy road running. I don’t like being out on my own in the dark. 0% fat dairy products are heinous, and I love a lay in. It was not the one. By the 25th January, a long Burn’s Night weekend in Edinburgh shook me out of my health kick, and that was the end of that.

So. When I read a recent article by the editor of Ideal Homes magazine, in which she pondered the value of short term goal setting, I felt compelled to explore the idea for myself. The article suggested that we’d be more satisfied, and more productive, if we set ourselves resolutions every three months, rather than every twelve.

I already wang on about harnessing the power of compartmentalisation - breaking everything down into small, manageable, separate chunks - so this sounded great to me. It wouldn’t be unheard of for me to set myself twelve New Years Resolutions on 1st January. But twelve separate life enhancements, all at once, over a twelve month period? That’s kind of heavy. Three achievable goals to complete in approximately twelve weeks? Now that I can manage!

So I’ll be setting my first quarterly resolutions to begin on the 1st October, with the view to ticking them off before the year is out. What would you opt for? Does the cupboard under the stairs need to be tackled? Do you have an annoying or unhealthy habit that you’d like to break before Christmas? Or maybe you’re desperate to learn a new skill? I’d love to hear from readers who are also keen to give 3 month resolutions a try - let’s set goals together! (Fist pump)


  1. I set myself monthly goals these days instead of a huge goal for the year! For the last few years I'd been making '×× before I'm xx' lists and feeling guilty for not achieving them. My monthly goals are both stuff to do like painting living rooms but also include fun stuff too like booking holidays. I feel so much less pressure this way!
    Good luck with your quarter goals!

    1. Hey Em! It's so much more positive to set yourself small resolutions I think, you've definitely got the right idea!