How I Plan My Parenting Week

I find life a lot easier when I plan ahead.

I like to be able to see a plan for the week.

When I plan ahead, I'm more likely to get things done and to enjoy doing them.

The idea of "planning" your parenting week might not sound that attractive to some, but for me, I like to get to the end of the week feeling confident that I've spent quality time with my four year old son and that I've made the most of the time that I have with him.

Bringing a child up independently (for the most part) can certainly be daunting, and I know for certain that all of us worry sometimes whether or not we're doing enough - whatever the structure of our family may be. 

Having a parenting planner means that I can look ahead and know that my son has a week of activities ahead of him, and that I'm maximising the time that I do get to enjoy being with him and seeing him learn, especially if he's off to see his Dad at some point in the week. 

I theme each day of the week consistently so that I can be confident that we're doing a variety of interesting and fun stuff. 

Here's what my parenting week looks like:

Mystery Monday: On a Monday I make sure we're out of the flat, whether it's a trip to the zoo, a treasure hunt in the park, or paying a visit to friends or family - Monday is a wild-card day and allows me some flexibility and an incentive to get out and about.

Tasty Tuesday: On Tuesday we always do something in the kitchen. My son loves to bake so we usually get messy, and cook up a storm!

Wednesday on Wheels: Every Wednesday we go for a bike, scooter or skateboard ride - easy peasy. 

Thinking Thursday: On a Thursday I take the time to come up with an educational activity to enjoy together. At four my son is just starting primary school, so I typically come up with fun games that will help him to recognise and write letters, or encourage his numeracy, but I'm also super keen to encourage his knowledge of nature and science. I find Pinterest really useful for finding ideas of things that I can do with him on a budget to help him to learn at home. 

Arty Friday (because I couldn't think of anything appropriate that began with F): On Fridays we make stuff. We get out paints, pencils, glue, glitter, pom poms, or our cameras; whatever we have at the time. Either way, it's all about the unleashing of a four year old creative genius. Again, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for crafty activities to try with children. 

If I see a great idea for activities to try out with Seb, I usually stick it on my dedicated Pinterest board, you can browse my ideas here

If you've got some great ideas of your own for keeping children entertained, especially on a low budget, I would love to hear them, why not add a comment below? Or tag me in photographs of your projects on Twitter or Instagram (@ashlawrencerye)

I'll be posting regularly to let you know what we've been up to throughout the week, this way I can share some of my most child-friendly recipes, and craft and educational projects. 

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