5 Posts That I Enjoyed This Week

This week was a good week for blogging. I enjoy nothing more than snuggling down with a cup of tea and thumbing through my Bloglovin' feed to see what other bloggers have been posting. 
As it's Sunday I thought I'd share five of my favourite posts from the week, so settle down, and have a nosey.
  1. Kate's Home D├ęcor Budgeting Tips I torture myself regularly by following Kate on Instagram, where she's recently shared loads of photographs of the flat that she bought with her boyfriend. The place is show-home perfect and fills me with envy. However, I was really refreshed (and relieved) to read this post, and to realise that Kate and I share almost all of the same attitudes towards decorating and furnishing on a small budget. I especially empathise with her desire to spray paint all of the things.
  2. Elizabeth and Raj's Brand New Blog I've known Elizabeth and Raj for a few years now, Elizabeth since I started blogging, and Raj since the first Blognix conference in Birmingham in 2013. The couple have just launched a joint travel blog, Awesome Wave, documenting their international adventures and travel tips. As a real bookworm, and a fierce defender of the paperback, I really enjoyed Raj's post "To Kindle or Not To Kindle", which made some powerful arguments that apply to any reader, travelling or otherwise.
  3. Vicki's Juice Recipe I know I've mentioned it before, but A Life Of Geekery is my favourite food blog (among millions). It's great to see Vckki teaming up with Vita Coco to produce a range of juice recipes, using their nourishing coconut water. I can't wait to try this berry recipe with all of the hedgerow goodies that Seb has picked, which are currently stored in my freezer. Adding fresh sage sounds divine.   
  4. A Thrifty Mrs & The Budget Mascara Fail Because I prefer to blog about saving money rather than spending it, I am drawn towards reviews of budget products. It's worth remembering though - that in this world, sometimes, you do get what you pay for - and sometimes, cheap really does mean crap. I always find it refreshing to read honest posts like this makeup review, that are straight-up about when low budget means poor value.
  5. Muireann Ruling My Life As Per I don't know if Muireann Carey-Campbell is technically famous, maybe not, but she's the one person I would like to meet above most others, above, you know, celebrity types. Whenever I see a new post pop up on her blog I'm there like a mouse to Camembert (or actually, just me, to Camembert). Once again, she hit the nail on the proverbial head this week with her post "Stop Hiding" which made me feel slightly guilty about the things I've been scared of facing (even guiltier than my boyfriend's death stare about the overdue library books) and motivated to make this coming week the one where I just get on and deal with the bastards.
Have you read any great blog posts on this here internet lately? If so, please leave some links in the comments or get in touch. 

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  1. Thanks for featuring our new blog Ashleigh! And loving your new blog. It's looking rather swish round here. :-)